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The Google New Android Update, which has been available for the Motorola Xoom for the past couple of months, is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S2. The update enables the Galaxy S2 to access a number of new features, and there are a few known issues with the app. We take a look at the new update and the issues associated with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular handsets on the market and this is made possible thanks to the Google New Android Update that was launched earlier this year. Since the initial launch of the Google Android update, a number of other handsets have received updates but not all of them have been able to enjoy the benefits. The Google update was only intended for the Nexus 4 and there was no indication as to whether or not this particular handset would also receive the same treatment. This was due to the fact that there was a lot of noise generated in the media about the death of the Nexus device.

To try and prevent this, Google released a number of ‘New Android’ updates for the various handsets. This provided users with the latest Android build on their phones, enabling them to access many new features and enhancements. Unfortunately, not all handsets were able to gain access to the Google Android update, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still stuck with the same old Android version.

The latest update that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S2 brings a number of new features and functionality. A few of the most notable features are: Google Now, Bluetooth Low Energy, Google Search and much more. The issues associated with this particular update have been listed below.

The first issue is about the absence of Google Search. When the Google New Android Update was first released, it was able to provide users with the same Google Search feature as was available with the Android Gingerbread update, but unfortunately it was unable to do so with the new Android O update.

Another issue is with Bluetooth Low Energy. The Bluetooth Low Energy part of the Google New Android Update will enable your phone to detect when a Bluetooth Low Energy source is present. It can then enable you to stream audio from this source. Unfortunately, many handsets won’t be able to use this part of the update.

In addition, the same problem arises with the use of navigation buttons, which were introduced in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. The users will be unable to use these buttons if their handset isn’t able to access the new Google Android update.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is able to access the latest Android update, which includes most of the features that were available with the Android Gingerbread update. The downside of this update is that some users won’t be able to get the full benefit from the updates. If you have an S3 device, the update should be available.


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